Valentino DiGiorgio and his team have officially concluded the application evaluation process for the 2021 Valentino DiGiorgio STEAM Scholarship. The results will be announced shortly; but until then, DiGiorgio shares a feature on a new STEAM-centric school set to open in Dallas.

In honor of a local entrepreneur and business icon, the city of Dallas, Texas has unveiled a new elementary school with a clear focus.  The school is set to support the STEAM subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics — the pillars of entrepreneurship, in Valentino DiGiorgio’s experience

The Albert Black STEAM Academy will offer elementary school students a unique opportunity to foster interests and skills in STEAM, early on.  Valentino DiGiorgio fosters this innovative idea, which has continued to gain steady traction across the country in the past decade.  Starting with STEM and STEAM centric curriculum at the elementary school level can truly set the stage for innovation — and spark incredible direction from the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.