Who comes to find when you think of the world’s top philanthropists? Bill and Melinda Gates certainly give a huge amount of money to causes they care about. Andrew Carnegie, the world’s richest man in the early 20th century, is also a famous philanthropist. However, the world’s top philanthropist of all time was a man who ended up establishing an entire city.

Valentino DiGiorgio is a community-conscious philanthropist with a passion for empowering individuals and families in need. As someone who understands the importance of giving back to the community, he highlights the world’s top philanthropist, Jamsetji Tata.

Jamsetji Tata was born in India in 1839 to a family of Zoroastrian priests. From a young age, he showed an aptitude for mental arithmetic. After graduating college, he worked at his father’s export-trading company. Eventually he would go on to found the Tata Group, the largest conglomerate company in India. Today he is known as the “Father of Indian Industry” and is famous for donating billions of dollars (adjusted for inflation) to support education and healthcare. The city of Jamshedpur, India, was founded by Tata in 1919 and boasts a high quality of life for it’s residence to this day.