Valentino DiGiorgio

Entrepreneur, Valentino DiGiorgio is a community-conscious philanthropist with a passion for empowering individuals and families in need.

Val DiGiorgioVal DiGiorgio is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. An active member of his community, DiGiorgio is dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals and families in need.  His accomplishments, both professional and philanthropic, have assisted him in achieving a multitude of accolades and honors of recognition.  In 2018, DiGiorgio was honored to receive the Distinguished Italian-American Award from a local chapter of the Sons of Italy Organization.

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Career in Entrepreneurship

Val DiGiorgio is a tried and true entrepreneur with decades of experience in business development and startup strategy.  Wearing numerous professional hats, DiGiorgio utilizes his past experiences as a way to navigate present ventures.

Always up for a challenge, he enjoys leaning towards innovative and unique approaches.  Driven by his commitment to community, DiGiorgio is passionate about helping small businesses thrive.  In his experience, small businesses and local entrepreneurs strengthen and empower their communities.  He has collaborated with numerous startups in the past and he looks forward to continuing to do so.

Community Work & Philanthropy

A proud Christian and family man, a sense of community maintains a special place in Valentino DiGiorgio’s personal and professional life.  Both he and his family are actively involved in their local and church communities.  Currently, DiGiorgio represents both Saints John Neumman & Maria Goretti Catholic High School and Independence Blue Cross as an Advisory Board Member.  He also makes a point to collaborate with local nonprofits to develop plans for community building and need fulfilment.  Providing those in need with access to life-changing resources is more than just something he’s committed to — it’s an unwavering passion of his.

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