Most Italian-Americans celebrate their rich cultural heritage on a daily basis — even if they don’t set out to! The notes are all there, from the warm, flavorful aromas wafting from their kitchens to the prayers they part their day with. But did you know that October is actually the official Italian-American Heritage and Culture Month? Valentino DiGiorgio shares his insight:

Every year in October, Italian-American communities across the United States celebrate Italian-American Heritage and Culture Month.  While the honorary tribute isn’t officially observed by all, it is a special treat for all whose stars and stripes bleed green, white and red.  The celebration of the Italian-American identity is often a daily practice for many.  A strong and resilient people, Italians are proud of their roots.  And why shouldn’t we be?  Afterall, our ancestors have accomplished incredible feats!  In pursuit of the American dream, so many of our relatives paid the price to pave the way for our friends and families today.

The Italian-American Heritage and Culture month was first celebrated in 1989.  Established 100 years after Italians first migrated to the United States, the celebration sets out to honor and recognize the many accomplishments Italian immigrants and their family members have made.  Particularly, this month of celebration embraces the importance of the contributions Italian-Americans have made to benefit the United States.

A proud Italian-American, Valentino DiGiorgio celebrates his cultural heritage by embracing the flavors, films, art and music of his people.  Active in his own local community of Italian-Americans, Val DiGiorgio is a proud member of the Sons of Italy Organization.