Rising Villanova University senior, Jasmine Mays, was immediately concerned for her school community in the wake of COVID-19. A doer rather than a dreamer, Mays is stepping up to the plate to make sure her classmates are safe during these uncertain times. Villanova alum, Valentino DiGiorgio shares the story:

Psychology and Biology double major, Jasmine Mays is a rising senior at Villanova University.  She’s also a compassionate young woman who cares deeply about the safety and security of her fellow Wildcats.  During her time away from campus, Mays endured the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, just like everyone else.  Hardships, of course, have been a-plenty in these trying times.  Essential supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and even food items quickly became hot commodities.  Cleaning and health related products were often difficult to come by.

When Jasmine Mays returned to the Villanova campus for the Fall 2020 semester, she immediately felt compelled to do something to prevent her classmates from going without crucial cleaning and health preservation products.  The project born from her idea is Villanova’s COVID-19 Prevention Pantry.  In Mays’s view, preparation is key in preventing a disaster.  And that’s exactly what this initiative intends to do:  prepare.  The Pantry will provide students with crucial cleaning, health preservation and feel-better products, as needed.

Proud Villanova alum and permanent Wildcat, Val DiGiorgio, salutes Jasmine Mays for her conscious effort to protect the Villanova student body through preparedness.  Fantastic work!