Being your own boss and starting your own business can be incredibly rewarding. It’s not for everyone, and creating a startup comes with a lot of personal and financial risk. If you have the right skill set and attitude, though, it can pay off. 

Valentino DiGiorgio is a community-conscious philanthropist with a passion for empowering individuals and families in need. He shares his top tips for young entrepreneurs who are starting out. 

In terms of the skills required to succeed as an entrepreneur, the ability to effectively communicate your ideas is important. Along with this, being able to sell absolutely anything is a valuable skill to have. Entrepreneurs also have to be able to constantly learn and have the focus to maintain the business through ups and downs. 

Another important thing that you shouldn’t put off when starting your business is creating a solid business plan. Especially once investors become involved, doing market research is essential to your business. You have to understand the competition, and most importantly, how you plan to scale the business. Think about all of the possible things that could go wrong and figure out how you would handle them as the business owner.