Japan is known for its attention to cleanliness — and startup savviness. Entrepreneur, Shota Ishida, is combining these concepts with his startup, Odorate. Val DiGiorgio discusses:

Body odor: it’s often too taboo to discuss, but it certainly cannot be ignored.  For some, it’s no big deal.  For others, it’s a crippling concern.  Sure, practicing proper hygiene and self-grooming techniques will keep unpleasant scents at bay… most of the time.  But what works for one person, may not for another.  Shota Ishida, entrepreneur and founder of Odorate, understands that better than most may have ever even dreamt of wondering…

Odorate is a startup that scientifically explains why your body smells the way it does (for better or for worse).  Through a scientific body odor analysis, the startup uncovers how you can smell your absolute best with a scientific likelihood of success!  It’s all thanks to a customized, industrial-grade deep dive into the biological and physical factors at play in your body odor.  

Valentino DiGiorgio applauds entrepreneur, Shota Ishida’s incredibly unique perspective and startup concept.  Certainly some unclaimed startup territory!