With winter break coming up soon, many parents are looking for activities to keep their kids occupied. With these projects, you can mix science and art together to create fun educational activities to keep the children engaged and learning at the same time.

Magnet Painting. All you need for this project is paint, magnets, metal hardware, some paper, and a tray for the paint. Use the magnet to pull the hardware through the paint and create a fun work of art. This teaches children about magnetism (and if you’re already artistic, you can teach them about light and color theory as well).

Salt Painting. Materials include salt, water colors, water color paper, and brushes. Coat the paper in water and add colors with the brush. Once you’ve done that, add salt to the paper to create unique effects. Teach the kids about how salt attracts water due to the positive and negative ions. 

Valentino DiGiorgio is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for STEAM subjects. He currently offers the Valentino DiGiorgio STEAM scholarship for high school students pursuing academic and professional careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics fields.