A recycling startup is joining forces with an automotive and energy storage company in a major way. Valentino DiGiorgio discusses the amazing partnership and what the teams hope to offer:

It’s no secret that electric vehicles (EV) are on the rise.  Soon enough, these eco-friendly automotives will not only be available, but also highly in-demand.  In effect, so will the very energy that powers these automotives.  With that in mind, Redwood Materials, a recycling startup, is looking to get ahead of the crowd by partnering up with Proterra.

Redwood Materials and Proterra are partnering up to create and supply EV battery materials in a sustainable way.  As EV’s become more and more popular, the focus will soon shift to how to make these incredible automotives more energy efficient.  Since its launch, Redwood Materials has already become the largest lithium-ion battery recycler in the entire continent of North America.  By joining forces with automaker Proterra, there is no limit to how the startup will be able to revolutionize an already revolutionary area of the automotive industry.

Talk about innovation!  As always, Valentino DiGiorgio salutes the innovative ideas and accomplishments of forward-thinking entrepreneurs — and the incredible efforts of their startups.