2020 is finally out — and 2021 is finally in! For many of us, this feels long overdue… But no matter how your 2020 unfolded, it’s time to set your sights on how you can make success yours in 2021. Valentino DiGiorgio offers up some advice entrepreneurs should keep in mind in 2021:

  1. Time Management is Crucial

To say the least, 2020 shook up a lot of our schedules.  With safety regulations adapting at the drop of a hat, many startups saw their projected launch dates falling off the calendar completely.  This year, take into account potential schedule shakeups that could come about due to COVID-19.  This can help you save a lot of lost time!

  1. Transition into the Digital Sphere

Is your startup, venture or project thriving online?  Does it even exist online?  If not, now’s the time to really put your focus on the internet.  After all, a lot of initiatives are being forced to go the virtual route to stay afloat.  You might even find that your startup belongs in the digital world, more than the brick and mortar.  Now’s the time to find out — and fast!

  1. Stay Motivated

Keep our motivation fresh and timely.  Last year, the shock of having our plans derailed wound up demotivating a lot of us… Don’t allow this to happen in 2021.  Val DiGiorgio encourages entrepreneurs to find ways to keep your motivation fresh and on top.  Your startup’s success may depend on it!