With some businesses coming to a complete stop, the pandemic has forced many entrepreneurs into adopting new approaches. Will startups survive COVID-19?

If you’re an entrepreneur who operates an “essential business” — times may be different, but not debilitating.  But if you’re on the flipside, you may be facing the loss of your business entirely…  With many startups struggling to stay afloat, closing before having the chance to reopen is becoming all too common.  For entrepreneurs who’re prepared to roll up their sleeves and get innovative — these times will be incredibly telling.  Some might even thrive.

The Conversation calls the coronavirus crisis “a catalyst for entrepreneurship.”  To some extent, it certainly is.  As need and demand increase in unforeseen areas, focuses are shifting for entrepreneurs.  Now’s the time for entrepreneurs to tighten their thinking caps — whether their existing startup is weathering the pandemic’s storm, or still in development.  With challenges continuing to rise, entrepreneurs who survive (and even thrive) through this economy will have certainly earned their stripes!