Today, men hold the majority of STEM jobs. Only about a quarter of all STEM jobs are held by women. We can change this by encouraging the next generation of women to take STEM subjects while in school. Valentino DiGiorgio, philanthropist who offers STEAM Scholarships to students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, shares his insights. 

  • If your daughter shows an interest in STEM subjects, respond with encouragement. She will need to develop the ability to think outside the box and have a strong work ethic, so make sure to encourage these traits. 
  • Show your daughter examples of women role models in STEM. Representation is so important so that your child has a blueprint for their own life. If you show them examples of successful women, they can visualise themselves being successful as well. 
  • Find a summer camp or after school club with a STEM theme. They will be able to make friends who share their interest, and see how fun the subject is!