After years of hurdles, the Sons of Italy — Nebraska branch — has finally reopened! 2018 Distinguished Italian-American Award honoree, Val DiGiorgio, shares the exciting news:

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been anything but typical.  At the start of the year, many organizations felt like 2020 would be the year of their comeback.  The Nebraska Sons of Italy chapter certainly felt that way.  After suffering an accidental fire that destroyed their hall back in January of 2017, the nonprofit all but fell to pieces.

The reconstruction of the Sons of Italy hall was an arduous project.  The nonprofit organization, known for supporting both local and international charities, found itself on the flipside of needing help.  Over time, things came together and after a successful reopening in February of 2020, things were finally looking up again!

Unfortunately, we all know how the first half of 2020 sent shockwaves of change nearly overnight.  With new restrictions like lockdowns and the eventual social distancing we continue to adhere to today, Sons of Italy Nebraska was forced to close — again.  

Luckily, restrictions are finally loosening up, which has allowed the chapter to finally reopen again!!  Distinguished Italian-American Award recipient and proud Sons of Italy supporter and participant, Valentino DiGiorgio, extends his congratulations to the Nebraska chapter.  The organization’s strength and resilience is a testament to the Sons of Italy drive and determination.  Stay strong!