If you are a high school student looking for a future career in business, then studying business in college is a great stepping stone. A business degree will provide you with great opportunities and the skills you need to excel. All you need to do is decide which school you want to apply to.

Valentino DiGiorgio is a community-conscious philanthropist with a passion for empowering individuals and families in need. As an expert in business, he shares the top 9 business schools you can apply to:

  1. Stanford University, Stanford, California. 5% acceptance rate.
  2. Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. 9% acceptance rate.
  3. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 5% acceptance rate.
  4. The University of Chicago, Illinois. 7% acceptance rate.
  5. Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. 9% acceptance rate.
  6. Columbia University, New York City. 7% acceptance rate.
  7. University of California, Berkeley. 17% acceptance rate.
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. 7% acceptance rate.
  9. University of Virginia, Charlottesville. 23% acceptance rate.